Who we are?

Adalberto Adame

Adalberto Adame was born in Mexico City in 1976 , where he lives. He works as a freelance photographer for magazines, architecture firms and publish agencies.

These photos are just fragments, of a journey he did two years ago trough southern Patagonia region in Chile and Argentina. Part of trip was made by boat through natural passages in-between numerous glaciers towards Cape Horn, Ushuaia, and back to Punta Arenas. The second part of the journey was made by land, towards two National Parks: Calafate and Torres del Paine. The first one is in Argentina, where The Perito Moreno Glacier is, and the second one is located nearby a small fishing village called Puerto Natales in Chile.

Parallel to his commercial assignments, he continues to develop his own personal work. Right now, he is finishing a project that started without him knowing what it was going to come to. Now, after 2 years of taking pictures of himself in hotel rooms and airplanes, and of his surroundings while working on assignments, it’s drawing to a close. This series was made with his 6 / 4.5 Polaroid camera back.


Mick Feuerbacher

Mick Feuerbacher, born 1966 in Munich, is a German photographer specialising in photoreportage and street photography. His approach to photography is traditonal and direct: black and white film, analog camera, and immediate rapport with his subjects via a short focal length lens.

The series “Beijing 2004” shown here is a collection of street photos and portraits taken during a trip to China in May 2004. Modern China’s cultural heritage is strongly visible – large monuments and richly decorated palaces are present everywhere. Then there are the distinctive cultural and architectural imprints of the rigid socialist period and finally, the inevitable signs of upcoming free-market economy. The aim of “Beijing 2004” was to show the people of China living in this controversial, ever changing environment.

Lissette Guerrero

Lissette Guerrero has an interesting way of looking at everything and everyone around her as though there is a camera permanently attached to her eye.

At a young age, the thought of capturing an unreliveable moment on film was magnificent. It was at that time that she knew that she had to start recording her life and the lives of others to tell a story. After high school, Lissette moved out of her suburban neighborhood in Connecticut to study photography in Philadelphia. She now resides in New York City.

In Lissette’s work the vastness of experience boils down to remembered incidents. She feels comforted by spaces and landscapes where dead reality and vibrant fantasy coexist. The duration of life can be captured in images in the days and nights of familiar people. A sense of motion, shamelessness, and explosive color play a huge role in setting a particular mood for each photograph.

Gautam Narang

Pardada Pardadi school for underprivileged girls is no ordinary school. It’s a charitable organisation that takes girls from low income families and teaches them how to do block printing, shadow embroidery, machine emboldery and many other types of arts and crafts.

The girls work from Monday to Saturday and get paid for their effort. Half of their income goes to a bank account and the rest goes into their hand. This way they are being taught from an early age how to save money. When the course is over, the girls stand a good chance of earning a decent income.