Madonna Got Banned From Texas Theater Chain For Texting During Movie Screening

Cher Shoots Down Lady Gaga Madonna Comparisons: ‘You Can’t Be The Young Anybody Else!’

When asked who the young Cher of the music world was by Attitude magazine, Cher said: “None. There is no young me. If you get to be that, if you get to a certain level, you have to be the young you. Cher has confessed that she is a fan of Gaga’s quirky image and doesn’t think she should be labelled “the young Madonna” (WENN) “You can’t be the young anybody else.” She contined, “That’s why Gaga is Gaga and Madonna is Madonna. All these people are themselves. You can’t be the young anybody. “Until I’m dead. Maybe when I’m dead, someone will go, ‘Oh that’s the young Cher,’ but I like Gaga because of her audacity.” But Gaga isn’t the only popstar lucky enough to be praised by the 67-year-old megastar, she’s also fond of Rihanna and the late Amy Winehouse. “I wish Amy Winehouse was here because I really liked her. Aside from her music, I liked the fact that she was so authentic – not looking like anybody else and not caring.” She said of the Back to Black singer who sadly passed away in 2011. “If her eye make-up was smeared, that was fine… there was no veneer there.

1998 41st Annual Grammy Awards, Feb. 1999 Performing at 2000 MTV Europe Music Awards Madonna, ‘Drowned World Tour’, July 2001 2003 MTV Video Music Awards — The kiss that rocked the world. Madonna, April 2003 Madonna reads from her new children’s book “Mr. Peabody’s Apples”, Dec. 2003 Madonna’s “Re-Invention” Tour, May 2004 U.K. leg of Madonna’s “Re-Invention” Tour, Aug. 2004 Madonna performs at Live 8 London, July 2005 Madonna and her then-husband, Guy Richie, at the TIFF Gala Premiere of his film “Revolver”, Sept. 2005 Premiere Of Madonna’s Documentary “I’m Going To Tell”, Oct. 2005 Awards Room at 2005 MTV Europe Music Awards, Nov. 2005 Madonna plays G-A-Y at Astoria, Nov. 2005 48th Annual Grammy Awards, Feb. 2006 Madonna plays Wembley Arena during her “Confessions” world tour, Aug. 2006 Madonna performs in Germany in the European leg of her “Confessions” world tour, Aug. 2006 Live Earth London, July 2007 “I Am Because We Are” Premiere at Cannes, May 2008 Madonna performs at Dodger Stadium, with a special appearance from Britney Spears, Nov. 2008 Madonna with daughter Lourdes at the New York premiere of “NINE”, Dec.

Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Gaga: Terry Richardson’s most provocative pictures

Lindsay Lohan poses with a gun for a Terry Richardson photo shoot

The singer wears a revealing pink leotard while positioning a can like it’s a phallic object in one shot, and posing topless while wearing just a pair of black tights in another. And let us not forget the tongue, too. Jared Leto Terry Richardson/ Jared Leto reveals his concave stomach An emaciated Jared Leto poses for Terry Richardson following his dramatic weight loss to play a HIV-positive transvestite in Dallas Buyers Club. Leto reveals his skeletal frame in the black and white images and leaves us feeling slightly disturbed. Lady Gaga Lady Gaga on the loo Terry Richardson Lady Gaga stretches topless Lady Gaga sitting on the loo smoking a cigarette – we’ve seen it all now! The ‘Applause’ singer also shared the black and white image on her Little Monsters website. Here she is enjoying a topless stretch in a tiny black thong ahead of her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards back in August. Rihanna Rihanna poses seductively for Terry Richardson Terry Richardson Rihanna flips Terry the bird Rihanna flips Terry Richardson the bird before grabbing her crotch and hitching up her denim shorts in these sultry black and white images. All in all, pretty tame for our RiRi . Paris Hilton Terry Richardson Paris Hilton wears bondage Paris Hilton has a new single to promote, so here she is trussed up in bondage for Uncle Terry! The socialite posed for the photographer in black underwear in one image, and a T-shirt which read ‘Rich Girl’ while modelling Richardson’s trademark black-rimmed glasses in another. Lindsay Lohan Terry Richardson Lindsay Lohan poses with a gun Lindsay Lohan poses with a gun to her head in this controversial shoot at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.