Dunbar’s London Freeland Set To Visit Tennessee

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gets ready to answer questions from a Chatham House audience, on Oct. 11, 2013, in London. (Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images) Reported by ABC News Gemma Perlin: LONDON Hillary Clinton, in London last Friday to pick up a prize in recognition of her significant and impressive contribution to international diplomacy, was busted by a London traffic cop for an illegally parked Mercedes. Despite the raised voices of Clintons bodyguards, the parking police remained unfazed and would not retract the ticket, reported the Daily Telegraph. Daniel Astaire, a councillor for the borough that Clinton parked in, told ABC News that Clinton would receive no special treatment. The former U.S. secretary of state was parked for nearly 45 minutes without paying. Im sure she will understand that we have to be fair to everyone, regardless of their status on the world stage. Clinton was fined $128, but if she pays the ticket within 14 days, it will be knocked down to $64. The American Embassy in London, which owes $12.5 million in its own parking fines, according to figures from Foreign Secretary William Hague,would not comment on Clintons parking ticket, explaining that she was now a private citizen. Hillary will know as a former diplomat, one must get all their facts together, look for evidence, make an appeal quickly and perceive, Barrie Segal, a U.K. parking ticket expert, told ABC News.If that fails, I am happy to give her mobile number and chat about it.

London’s coolest gravestones

At Highgate Cemetery, bare-knuckle boxing champ Tom Sayers is guarded in the hereafter by his pooch.

The injury kept her out of running for much of the summer and being idle wasnt what the active Freeland had in mind. She was expecting to compete in the USA Track & Field Junior Olympics at North Carolina A&T, but was forced to attend as a spectator instead. And she couldnt compete for her academy team, New Wave Track Club, which marked the first time in nine years she wasnt running full time during the summer. It was kind of hard, because I wanted to be out there competing, Freeland said. Its healing. It actually feels much better than before. The remedy was physical therapy and short but intense workout sessions this fall, which includes sprints and weight training.Shes currently preparing for the indoor season, and is expected to once again be a force. As a junior she won indoor DCIAA and DCSAA titles in the 300 and 500 meter, and also took city crowns in the 800 and 1,600 meter. During the outdoor season, she captured DCIAA and DCSAA titles in the 200 and 300 meter, the 300-meter hurdles and took city titles in the 800 and 1,600 meter events. Freeland said she plans to make a college decision before February, and was intrigued with Mississippi State, she said. They have a nice facility. The first day that they offered me, they had my attention, Freeland said. College is on my mind.

Busted by London Traffic Cop, Hillary Clinton Gets No Special Treatment

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The legend holds that William Loudon and his wife, Agnes, inherited some money, but the bequest would end when they were buried. The obvious solution was to stick their coffin in an enormous stone wedge, making it practically impossible to bury — and also quite difficult to look at. It was erected in 1809 by their son, John Loudon, later an influential voice in the cemetery-preservation movement. Pinner Parish Church , Church Lane, Pinner, Middlesex Last “resting” place of erotic adventurer and wife. Sir Richard Burton: Kama Sutra forever Sir Richard Burton is best known for his saucy translations of “The One Thousand and One Nights” and for publishing “The Kama Sutra” in English. Although his wife, Isabel, a devout Catholic, claimed to be mortified by his interests, she appeared to celebrate them on his death by erecting a mausoleum in the shape of an Arabian tent in the incongruous surroundings of a suburban churchyard. Throughout the rest of her life, Isabel would take afternoon tea and hold the odd seance inside the tomb before joining her husband in there on her own demise. Nosy visitors can peer through a window in the roof at two dusty coffins surrounded by lanterns, camel bells and murals of the night sky. St Mary Magdalen Church , 61 North Worple Way, Mortlake; + 44 208 876 1326 Frank Bostock: Guarded by London’s loveliest lion Many London cemeteries have a lion — animals of all stripes are well represented in its graveyards — but perhaps the most elegant has since 1912 slept in the jungle that is overgrown Abney Park in Stoke Newington. The beautiful stone-carved creature commemorates menagerist Frank Bostock, who traveled the world with big cats, occasionally branching out to camels and hyenas. “People stroke the Abney Park lion’s left paw for luck — the marble is bright and shiny as a result,” says Catharine Arnold. Abney Park Cemetery , Stoke Newington High Street, Stoke Newington; +44 207 275 7557 Let’s be grateful Hardy moved on from grave-keeping.