Concert Beating Victim: ‘people Were Trying To Kill Me’

Muse gets unsettlingly close in new concert film

(AP) Muse frontman Matt Bellamy had to be more than just camera-ready for “Muse – Live at Rome Olympic Stadium.” The British rock band’s new concert film was shot in 4K, which meant a whole new level of detail. “There’s weird things like hair and stuff that you probably would never pay attention to,” Bellamy said. “It’s so much more noticeably sharper that it’s almost unsettling at first.” “Muse – Live at Rome Olympic Stadium,” directed by Matt Askem , is the first concert film released in the new ultra high definition format. Also called 4K, UHD has a much better resolution than regular HD and is considered the next technological leap in film and television. Thousands of movies have been shot in 4K, but almost all of them have been shrunk down to HD format before being screened. Exceptions include Sony’s 2011 remake of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and Will Smith ‘s sci-fi adventure “After Earth.” Fans will get a first look at the Muse film Nov. 5 when it debuts in 20 cities around the globe, before expanding to 700 theaters worldwide the next day in 2K and 4K. Bellamy said in a phone interview Wednesday from Costa Rica that the band was inspired by U2’s use of then-new technology in the 2008 concert film “U23D,” so they decided to kick up the production values and aim for something a little more grand. A trailer shows video screens stories tall and pyrotechnics backing the band. Spider cameras crawled over rigging above the crowd during the July concert, and a pair of actors contributed abstract theatrical interpretations of some of the songs. Even so, Bellamy said when he saw the movie, his eyes often drifted away from the action on stage to the vivid details elsewhere.

Man Brutally Beaten Before Concert

Zander recounted how the Marines were allegedly bothering several women in his tailgating group, prompting him to step in and confront the men. He said Sharkey was the first Marine in the group to punch him in the face. Soon enough, others allegedly joined in on the beating. A short time later, Zander said the men came back and attacked him again leaving him with fractures all over his face. I said, Look at me, look what youve done to me. Arent you done yet? And I just started getting a flurry of hits after that, Zander recalled. I couldnt take them and I fell off the tailgate of the truck. I quickly tried to get up. I was getting hit in the head and noticed there was no way I could get up, Zander continued. There was all kinds of weight on my back, as if people were sitting or lying on me, and I just kept getting hit. He continued on the witness stand, recounting details of the pain he felt: Related Stories Marine Accused of Beating Concert Goer While I was on the ground, I was being hit repeatedly in the head. I felt a sharp pain in my leg. Thats when I assumed someone stomped on my leg broke it, or kicked it and broke it, Zander said. [I] also felt someones hand trying to gauge fingers in my eyes; I felt someone’s hand go in the side of my mouth and begin trying to turn my cheek to turn my head and expose it.” Zander was the first witness to take the stand at Thursdays hearing. In cross-examination, Sharkeys defense attorney asked Zander repeated questions about how much hed had to drink in the parking lot on the day of the fight, and whether he had ever tried to call for help from security or police during the ordeal. After the preliminary hearing, a judge will decide if there is enough evidence against Sharkey to send the case to trial. In a separate civil lawsuit, Zander is suing Live Nation entertainment and Staff Pro for failing to adequately protect guests from alcohol-fueled third party violence.