China Scores Handily In Deals With United Kingdom

China can afford to pick off individual countries, punishing them with a ban on high-level meetings and visits, or even trade and investment sanctions, Lucas wrote. But it cannot do that to the entire West. Europes Union The same dynamic appears to underlie the PRCs dealings with the U.K. on trade issues. All this buttering up of the Chinese by individual governments is not making the European Union any stronger as a force to be reckoned with, said Guy de Jonquieres, a senior fellow at the European Centre for International Political Economy. China has been exceedingly adept at dividing and ruling, with willing assent of member governments. When individual European countries go asking for favors from China, it tends to put them in an inferior position, he said via telephone. Youve got to recognize the Chinese for what they are. They recognize power, above all else, and theyre in this for the interests of the Party and the interest of China. They will play very hardball. Thats the nature of the game, he also said. Member governments of the European Union playing every man and woman for himself, as the United Kingdom is doing presently, doesnt encourage the Chinese to see the EU as a coherent body with which it needs to negotiate, de Jonquieres said.

David Moyes hopes Adnan Januzaj will commit to Manchester United

Thats kept him the right way and I think hell be able to handle anything that comes along. I want to get the contract done and so do the club but I am confident. When you are 18 years old and you are playing for Manchester United, you have broken into the first team, I dont know where else in the world you would really want to play. Hes in and around the first team now so hopefully that will all be sorted. Moyes is aware of Uniteds traditions when it comes to giving young players a chance and equally aware that, after three defeats in seven games, he has to put out a side capable of winning matches. It is a measure of his confidence in Januzaj and his own judgement that he successfully gambled at Sunderland. I knew when I first took this job that part of the managers responsibility here is to introduce young players, he said. Sir Matt Busbys comments on the subject are on the wall in the dressing room area if you are good enough you are old enough. Thats been the philosophy of this club, the last manager put young players in when he had them and I will try to do the same because I think its what they do well here. At the same time I need to get results like any other manager. If I dont people will have plenty to say, Im not daft enough to think Im any different. But I also know theres a long-term plan in place here and I am part of it, the board have reassured me about that. We have to keep looking forward.